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When your religion makes you an unpleasant person to be around, you are doing something wrong. If you truly tasted the sweetness of faith, how can any bitterness come from you?

Always reblog. Charlotte ain’t NEVER lied. 

The Saudi dude who got kicked out of a festival for being “too attractive”. He looks like a chick here.
This #postsecret speaks waves of truth.

Going back to tumblr and I’m gonna be posting whatever the hell I please

Fave lazy day sweater.
My sister made it for it. 
She bought the hoodie for literally $4 at Goodwill (she was worried she might ruin it if it was expensive). The skull design was free verse, but you can get it online. Ask if you cant find it and I’ll message you a link. You draw the design on the hoodie with a pencil or chalk. Cut it out…and wear it! You can wear it with either a tanktop underneath or bareback - it looks better bareback. Tonnes of people ask about it. She’s made a few for her friends too but its easy enough to make at home. :)