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In case you guys don’t know, I’m starting uni in the fall! I’m excited but I’m also going to be piling up on the student loans. I think I’ve posted about Cashcrate before so this will be a refresher. I swear it’s not spam ahaha so please bear with me guys! Basically Cashcrate is a website where you go and take surveys and click links and get paid to do that. Each survey pays about 75c and each link you click pays about 20c. I usually just watch a movie and do it - you know multitask…but this video explains it the best.

The more people you refer to the site - the more money you get.

If lets say you join through my referral - every single dollar you make - I get 20 cents of it. If you click on my referral link, that WILL IN NO WAY change how much money you receive. You will still get your full dollar, I’ll just get commission from it. If you go straight through to the website, your referrer is automatically some guy named CashCrate Joe so he’ll be getting the 20cents commission. Point is, you get a referrer whether you like it or not. I’m just asking you to be nice and let it be me cause I need 20c more than this Joe guy who owns the site and probably already makes thousands a month. :c If you don’t get it, this video will probably explain it better: here.

Anyways, every $20 you make - the website sends you a check. You can change the settings so it’s ever 50$ or every 100$ you make but I never make more that $20 a month - sometimes it takes 3 months just to hit $20 cause I forget to go on. But some people make a good 500$ a month because they refer so many people cause they’re ~*tumblr famous*~ and well…I’m not but if you are, you could make that much I’m guessing. The website can be used worldwide last time I checked, I know if you’re American - you have more links to click but you can be Canadian (like I am) or British or even Narnian and it’ll still work. 

Anyways here’s what the cheque looks like. This isn’t much but…like I said, I’m not famous on the internet aha.

The site is really safe. I’ve been using it since January and I’ve never gotten a virus or anything. You could even make money off it! After you join, every person you tell - you’ll get 20cents from whatever they make. It’s a really great system. Especially since we’re all poor students.

please use my referral and click here guys ❤ !

Don’t let it go to the Joe guy! 

If you have any questions, you can message me. :) ❤

Model: thehpsblog.tumblrPhotographer: myadolescenceispersonified.tumblr
Model: thehpsblog.tumblrPhotographer: myadolescenceispersonified.tumblr